RDC Adjustable | Joist Cradle


The RDC adjustable cradle range is designed to support all conventional decking and flooring systems, both external and internal.

  • Side walls locate joists quickly and prevent joists from moving
  • Adjustment ring gives millimetre perfect adjustment up to a build-up of 55mm
  • Finger grips enable easy adjustment
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Technical Specification

MaterialRecycled Nylon (glass filled)
Height range10-55mm
Compression6kN/m2 (min. 6 cradles/m2)
Allowable loadUniformly distributed >4.0kN/m2, concentrated 2kN
Base diameter90mm
Bearer width capacity44mm-50mm bearer width
Bearer/Cradle connectionLoose laid
Bearer/Cradle connectionLoose laid
Working temperature-30°C - 120°C
Biological/ChemicalResistant to moulds algae, alkali, bitumen, UV
Maximum cradle spacing600mm centre-to-centre (joist spacing 500mm max)


Adjustable Height RangeCompatible Joists
RDC 10-25Adjustable Height Range: 10-25mmCompatible Joists: min 22mm depth
RDC 10-40Adjustable Height Range: 10-40mmCompatible Joists: min below 38mm depth
RDC 10-55Adjustable Height Range: 10-55mmCompatible Joists: min above 50mm depth


Datasheet - RDC Joist Cradle

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Download the overview for the system for more information

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