Wind Uplift

Wind Uplift

Our Terrace and Balcony System Variants now come with mechanical fixings to secure flooring in place, while our Visual and Retrofit Clips are designed to secure existing paving quickly and effectively for complete peace of mind.

How do we mitigate for wind-uplift?

Rail balcony wind uplift

Rail Systems

A specially designed mechanical spacer-fixing slides into the rail, slots into grooved tiles, and is fastened to ‘clamp’ the entire surface in place.

Pedestal terrace wind uplift

Pedestal Systems

A mechanical fixing screws into the steel head of the pedestal to secure the pavers or, for paving that’s already laid, the RF clip fits into the gap between the pavers to secure the surface.

Aluminium balcony wind uplift

Decking Systems

Extra ballast is added underneath our aluminium decking system to increase its overall weight and keep the whole system in place.

vitrified composite® wind uplift

Vitrified Composite® Decking Systems

Specifically designed VC starter/end and VC T-clips are screwed onto the joists to clamp the boards down and secure the entire finish in place.

Want to know more?

Worried about the risk of wind uplift or simply want to know more?

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We can advise a suitable solution to mitigate any risk and, if needed, conduct an onsite survey before you specify terraces or balconies to give you complete peace-of-mind.

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Wind Uplift Survey


Cyclic Wind Load Testing report

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