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Enhance your knowledge, de-risk & future-proof your balconies & terraces, make well-informed material choices, & create intelligent designs with a RIBA-approved CPD from RYNO.

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Why attend a CPD?

RIBA Chartered Members are required to attend and record CPD each year as evidence of maintaining competence through continuous learning.
How is the RYNO CPD structured?

Our online CPD is a short educational presentation & highly interactive session, lasting no more than one hour including Q&A. Our in-person CPD follows the same structure and morphs into a showroom tour and workshop at our Studio, addressing specific challenges Architects / Specifiers may have.
What does the RYNO CPD focus on?

The RYNO CPD addresses the latest developments in building regulations that Architects should be aware of, explains amongst other things fire-classifications and how these all relate to balconies, terraces, podiums, substructures, systems, paving, decking, and the materials these are all made of, and how they contribute to fire-safety of a building.
When & how is the RYNO CPD delivered?

We offer CPDs online, in person at Architectural practices, and in person at our Studio in Clerkenwell, London. Those attending a CPD at our Studio, will have to make their way using their preferred mode of transport. The easiest way to reach our Studio is by train to Farringdon Station – our Studio is a 10 min walk from there. RYNO CPDs are arranged on demand.
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