Paving Slabs: Finishes

We provide a diverse range of paving slab finishes to cater to any design preference and practical requirement. Whether you are looking for the elegance of porcelain or the robust charm of concrete, our paving slab finishes promise to transform your outdoor areas into stunning, functional environments.

Corteno | metal look porcelain paving

Dapello | natural stone look porcelain paving

Legnoso | wood effect porcelain paving

Marbello | marble effect porcelain paving

Quadro | contemporary porcelain paving

Tocco Core | natural stone look porcelain paving

Zynero | natural concrete look porcelain paving

Adira | pimpled concrete paving

Piata | smooth concrete paving

Piata | skimmed concrete paving

Piata | textured concrete paving

Nimra | concrete paving

Hakura | concrete paving

Galena | concrete paving

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