TPM | Mechanical Fix Flange Outlets


Manufactured to the highest specification, incorporating a clamping ring that creates a secure, leakproof seal between the roofing membrane and rainwater outlet.

The roofing membrane is dressed over the outlet flange and secured by the mechanically fixed clamping ring which engages over threaded stainless steel studs. The leaf guard simply clips onto the clamping ring.

  • Creates a secure, leakproof seal between roofing membrane and rainwater outlet
  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for all atmospheric conditions
  • Remains flexible even at low temperatures
  • Leaf guard and gravel grate available
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Mechanical Fix Flange Outlet

TPM/LG (top), TPM/MR (middle), TPM (bottom)


Typical application in warm roof

TPM-75, TPM-100, TPM-150



RefTo suit pipe size (mm)Available in
TPM/75To suit pipe size (mm): 75Available in: EPDM
TPM/100To suit pipe size (mm): 100Available in: EPDM
TPM/150To suit pipe size (mm): 150Available in: EPDM
TPM/LG (leaf guard for mechanical outlet)To suit pipe size (mm): -Available in: -


Datasheet - Mechanical Fix Flange Outlet

pdf 1.60 MB

Download the overview for the system for more information

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