The Botanist




System Used – TerraSmart® pedestal IGNO

The Botanist is a botanical cocktail bar in the heart of Newcastle. Complete with a rooftop terrace bar, it entices revellers and partygoers with a welcoming and curated look. The natural materials of the terrace bar, mixed with the abundance of plants and natural light, transport customers to a chic, far-off watering hole. 

To complement and contrast the natural materials in the industrial setting, the bare materials, exposed brick, and stone effect tiles give a suggestive canvas to the biophilic decor.

The design function of the terrace is as a high foot traffic area for social meetings. To fully support the paved area in these situations, we have seen a rise in users looking for simple pedestal systems that still provide a robust substructure at an economical rate. The pedestals have a wide base acting as a stable foundation and spacer tabs that equally space the pavers apart to create drainage channels.

Sasso porcelain tiles could support the primary use of the space due to their inherent properties. These porcelain paving tiles are naturally non-porous, protecting the finish from staining. This non-porous property also makes the tiles resistant to bitumen and algae. The tile also features a low slip potential in both; wet and dry conditions. Having these properties within a hospitality environment can help make a safe and long-lasting flooring surface.

TerraSmart® Pedestal IGNO fits into this industrial, chic environment with its simple, robust pedestal structure and hard-wearing but stylish flooring finish, punctuating the space and tying the terrace together.

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