RP-FR | Adjustable Paving Support Pedestal


The RP-FR is a non-combustible adjustable paving pedestal manufactured from steel, with zinc-nickel electroplating for corrosion resistance. Millimetre perfect adjustability between 25 and 505mm.

  • Suitable for all calibrated paving types, including porcelain, concrete, and natural stone
  • Locking ring ensures absolute stability
  • Large height range available
  • Perfect for terraces, podiums, roof decks and inset balconies
  • Holes in base for fixing to substrate if required.
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Base shock pads

Base shock-absorbent membrane pads can be installed under the pedestal/support base to enhance acoustic properties, or to provide additional protection to the waterproof system.

Edge spring clip

The edge spring clip fits on top of paving supports around the periphery of paved areas to ensure uniform spacing against wall abutments, helping ensure rapid drainage. By tensioning the tile bed, it counteracts creepage and movement.

Head shock pad

Head shock-absorbent gaskets fit on top of the paving supports, cushioning tiles and removing the possibility for grit to cause grinding between tile and pedestal head.

Spreader plate

For applications where the substrate requires lower point pressure, the 170mm circular spreader plate can be attached to the underside of the pedestal base.

Technical Specification

Product materialZinc-nickel electroplated mild steel
Reaction to fireA1
Compressive strength4400kg+
Base Dimensions120x120mm (170mm round spreader plate available)
Head diameter90mm
Spacer tabs4mm (2mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm available on special order)
Weight (m2)1.29 - 2.83kg/m2
Biological/chemicalResistant to moulds, algae, alkali, bitumen, UV
Warranty30 years
Design life60 years

Height Range and Weights

CodeHeight rangeWeight (each)
RP-FR-1Height range: 25-35mmWeight (each): 0.46kg
RP-FR-2Height range: 35-50mmWeight (each): 0.5kg
RP-FR-3Height range: 50-70mmWeight (each): 0.53kg
RP-FR-4Height range: 70-115mmWeight (each): 0.58kg
RP-FR-5Height range: 115-205mmWeight (each): 0.92kg
RP-FR-6Height range: 205-305mmWeight (each): 1.11kg
RP-FR-7Height range: 305-405mmWeight (each): 1.28kg
RP-FR-8Height range: 405-505mmWeight (each): 1.39kg


Datasheet - RP-FR Paving Pedestal

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Download the overview for the system for more information

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