22 Bishopsgate




Sat in the heart of the City of London’s financial district, 22 Bishopsgate has been called a ‘vertical village’ owing to the amount of space available across its 62 storeys, which includes the highest indoor climbing wall and largest cycle park in the country, as well as a wellbeing retreat space and private club.

With podiums stretching out from the structure periodically and large terraces atop, an incredibly strong and durable substructure solution was required.

System Used

RPF Fixed-head adjustable paving pedestals were used throughout the scheme. With a 22-550mm height range, and each pedestal capable of supporting loads in excess of 1000kg, the RPF is a very simple but effective product that ensures the total stability of the paved area.

62 Storeys 

Sitting at such a height, the outermost slabs were ballasted down to prevent wind uplift. 

The RPF pedestal head features spacer tabs which create an equal distance between each slab. In this instance, a 10mm tab was selected to further prevent wind uplift by allowing increased airflow.

Learn more about 22 Bishopsgate and hear what the Construction Manager at Prater had to say about the project in the video below:

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