A time to wake up and smell the decking

Put yourself in our shoes; we found it strange that the number one feedback from customers about our aluminium decking was how good it smelled! We would be inundated with people phoning in, asking if we sprayed the decking with anything before shipping it to site.

Ryno is known for being bold, so we decided to give it a go. After 2 years of management meetings and risk analysis, we finally got the go-ahead. We met with Josie Tishka, a perfumer working with IPO Florals in Wilmington, to try and see if we could replicate the smell. Using a unique blend of 14 fragrances, including actual aluminium decking particles, we have actually done it. We have managed to isolate the signature smell associated with our aluminium decking boards.

In fact, the research process was extremely complicated as it involved isolating the individual smells of the deck boards. We then took those notes and tested many different botanicals and smells and how they worked together to create a complete fragrance.

Lasting strength: Eau de Parfum

Full Profile: A rugged yet sophisticated palette with a strong finish sampling freshly cut aluminium decking being installed on a bolt-on balcony on a summer’s day

Overriding characteristics: Woody Oakmoss and Amber notes with Oriental notes emanating from the mildly spicy aluminium shavings

Our creation is now for resale and can be purchased through regular channels. It retails at £14.22 for a 100ml bottle.

Lucky you! Free samples of the fragrance can be ordered through our website by selecting our DFB aluminium decking board sample pack. The RAL colour swatches that come with it are identical in smell to the perfume and can be used as a ‘scratch and sniff’ sample.

Since it is a new fragrance type, we would recommend ordering the free sample here before purchasing the fragrance itself.

!!!!! Assuming you’ve worked out by now that this article was written in jest for April fools day. Can you spot the 5 deliberate references to April fools Day/this being a joke? !!!!!

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