Furniture Anchor for Aluminium Decking

Lockdowns, self-isolating and cancelled holidays meant that more homeowners needed to make the most of their outdoor space with outdoor seating, planters and other furniture. 

This is why we’re rather excited about this handy little addition to our aluminium decking range: the Furniture Anchor.

What makes it so great?

Like all Ryno products, it’s strong and simple. It prevents wind uplift and furniture movement, so it’s perfect for balconies, terraces and other outdoor applications.

It was designed to be fitted after installation, and can even be removed when not in use. Also, it’s long-lasting. We manufactured it from stainless steel, preventing galvanic corrosion from happening.

How does it work?

1. Simply lower the anchor point down between decking boards

2. Then twist 90 degrees, and lift to create pressure

3. Screw down the anchor until firm and secure, before attaching it to the furniture

To learn more about this exciting new addition to the aluminium decking range, download the datasheet below or visit our Contact Us page and get in touch.  

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