Timber Wharf




A residential development, Timber Wharf is located on the corner of the Roman-built Kingsland Road and 19th-century Regents Canal and features commercial space as well as a canal-side restaurant.

The residential area is grouped around a quiet cobbled courtyard offering a sheltered play area, while the waterfront apartments make up the courtyard’s northern edge and are set back from the canal, overlooking a very attractive, quaint and safe community garden.

We worked very closely with Kier Group PLC (one of the largest regional builders in the UK) and ALU Installations (a leading installer of non-combustible decking and cladding systems in the UK) to deliver this very important remediation project.

The timber boards on the walkways and balconies along the facade and the waterfront were replaced with our BalcaSmart® Aluminium and TerraSmart® Aluminium systems, which are ideal for remediation, new-build, and refurbishment projects.

The refurbishment project was completed this year, delivering peace of mind to residents and owners alike, especially after the Grenfell Tower fire and changes to fire safety regulations.

Installed with great care and attention to detail, seamlessly meeting stairwells and other structural elements, our BalcaSmart and TerraSmart Aluminium systems complement the overall aesthetics of the building, are lightweight, long-lasting, and most importantly able to meet the load requirements of its walkways, which also form part of the fire escape routes.

Both BalcaSmart and TerraSmart Aluminium systems carry our IGNO mark of assurance for non-combustibility and reassure specifiers by way of a 30-year warranty and a 60-year design life (when used as part of a complete RYNO IGNO system).

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