Postmark Apartments




Postmark is a new residential development on the site of the former Royal Mail Mount Pleasant Mail Centre. 

In addition to being involved with the paved roof terraces within the new Pheonix Place development, Ryno worked directly with Broadway Malyan Architects to come up with a decking solution for the private balconies.

System Used

TerraSmart® Aluminium was used across each of the balconies, with RD-FR adjustable decking pedestals and joist supporting over 2000m2 of sleek aluminium deck boards. 

Concrete slabs were laid between the substructure and deck boards to help counter wind uplift by increasing the overall dead load of the system.


“Approaching Ryno was a really easy thing to do…I felt confident using them.”

– Gareth Rowe, Principal Landscape Architect, Broadway Malyan 

Want to hear more? View Gareth’s full video testimonial here.

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