Oval Village

Oval Village


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Oval Village in Lambeth is a project that comprises affordable residential apartments, with office and commercial space, retail and leisure facilities, and parking.

The site is part of a large-scale redevelopment of the former Oval Gasworks site, offering 598 apartments with balconies and terraces for which we designed and developed the paving support system.

The balconies used the TerraSmart Pedestal Paving System, which is straightforward to install, powerful and fully non-combustible, with the paving laid safely on our RP-FR, millimetre-perfect adjustable paving support pedestals, with edge spring clips around the edges to ensure uniform spacing for an aesthetically perfect finish.

The terraces, with a commanding view of the city at the top of the building, feature a hybrid system starting with the TerraSmart Rail Paving System – super-strong thanks to its overlapping lattice framework – to form the ramps, which transition seamlessly into the TerraSmart Pedestal Paving System for the rest of the area.

Throughout the project, we worked closely with Formation Architects, HTA Architects, Building Control, NHBC and Berkeley Group to design the most relevant systems for the project. Fenland Flat Roofing installed the systems for the balconies, while those for the terraces were installed by NAO Landscapes.

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