Stunningly Realistic: Impressive Vitrified Composite® Decking

With a successful track record of over 30 years in decking systems for balconies and terraces, RYNO is proud to launch its new, visually stunning, Vitrified Composite® decking board. Boasting a sensationally realistic wood-effect finish, it provides architects, designers, and specifiers with outstanding performance while replicating a classic timber aesthetic, indistinguishable from its natural counterpart. RYNO’s Vitrified Composite® is the latest addition to its high-performing, Class A1 fire-rated selection of available decking solutions.

A beautiful wood-effect finish

RYNO’s Vitrified Composite® decking is available in a selection of striking wood-effect finishes, ranging from Brazilian Walnut to Himalayan Birch. All five finishes achieve a stunningly authentic wooden feel, and the various hues and tones ensure the boards can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of projects. Providing customers with the right choice of finishing systems is at the heart of RYNO’s philosophy. While there is always a strong focus on premium quality materials and non-combustible innovation (see IGNO), aesthetic appeal remains top-of-mind. 

White Poplar

The elegance of this deciduous broadleaf, light brown hardwood, in a beautiful finish for a timeless look.

Sunbleached Oak

Inspired by nature’s artistry capturing the warmth and distinctive character of this distressed natural grey wood.

Brazilian Walnut

Inspired by the exquisite wood of our precious rainforest, featuring a soothingly deep brown hardwood colour.

Himalayan Birch

Himalayan Birch

The coolest of our range, featuring the allure of the dazzling white bark of its natural counterpart.

African Greywood

African Greywood

Recreates the allure of Africa’s elegance by conveying the rich, natural charm and unique character of a medium brown tone wood-effect.

Modern manufacturing methods for the perfect product

Vitrified Composite® decking boards are extruded from a composition of clays and feldspar and fired (or vitrified) in the same way as porcelain.

Because of this, the boards share many properties with porcelain decking, such as stain and fire resistance. While also benefiting from a composite construction which offers resistance to moisture, fading and weathering. For instance, Vitrified Composite® boards receive a class A1 fire rating, ensuring they are well-suited to remediation projects and could be an effective alternative to conventional decking components.

Low-maintenance decking for carefree enjoyment

Project managers and construction professionals will appreciate the very low maintenance requirements that come with Vitrified Composite® decking. Beyond simple cleaning, the boards need little else to ensure they retain their striking finish and original aesthetic appeal. When treated with care, the boards remain scratch-resistant, making them a very good choice for high-traffic areas. 

Slip and scratch-resistant decking, great for high-traffic applications

Vitrified Composite® boasts excellent slip resistance making this material an excellent choice for all high-traffic terrace applications. All five finishes received the “low slip risk” classification in the pendulum friction test and supplier testing reports that the boards are R11-rated.

A familiar installation process for ease of integration

As a company, RYNO has always ensured that its customers enjoy easy decking installation, no matter which products they choose or whether it’s decking for balconies or terraces. This extends to the brand’s new Vitrified Composite® decking and its finishes.

Vitrified Composite® decking is installed on the same RYNO subframe as standard composite or aluminium decking. This offers specifiers the opportunity for immediate adoption and deployment. RYNO supplies Vitrified Composite® with an IGNO aluminium T-clip, designed specifically for this range. This, along with a rubber noise-suppressing strip reliably and safely secures the boards to the joists and ensures perfect alignment for a strong and flawless finish every time. 

Quality and safety certified!

As with all RYNO products, Vitrified Composite® boards are CE-marked and conform with all relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.

RYNO’s Vitrified Composite® boards represent the next evolution in decking technology. They combine a striking wood-effect finish with the aesthetic allure of composite decking, they are an excellent choice for projects where there can be no compromise between aesthetics and performance.

For more information, view our full range of decking systems on the RYNO site.

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